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We should all make a Will, but sadly many of us don’t.

It is never too early to make a Will, but sadly it can often be too late. Many of us will have painful experiences of having to deal with a relative who died intestate (died without making a Will).

The reasons why we may need to make a Will are varied. Many of us are divorced and wish to block an unwanted claim from an ex spouse. Many of us are in a second marriage and need to protect children from a previous marriage, or need to protect their second spouse from unwanted interference from other relatives. Some of us are living with a partner but not as a married couple. Many of us have children from different relationships, or children who are still under eighteen and who need to be looked after by appointed legal guardians. Individuals may be worried about the financial impact that residential care in old age may have on our estates, and wish to ring fence assets as far as the law will allow. Some of us will have specific wishes about who should deal with our affairs, and who should inherit specific assets. We all deserve the peace of mind that making a Will brings.

How do I make a Will?

Contact us when you are ready and we will arrange a time convenient to you for us to visit you at home to discuss your Will. In the meeting, we will discuss your situation and give any advice that you require. We also provide details of the fees which are fixed from the outset.

Before contacting us here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Make a detailed list of all of your assets and liabilities.
    Be sure to make a list of names and addresses of your intended beneficiaries. Also be ready to advise us about unwanted claimants you may wish to specifically exclude.
    So, think about who you would want to appoint as executors to handle the distribution of your estate, and (if applicable) who you would want to appoint as guardians of your children.
    Be clear on the reasons why you want to make a Will and prepare any questions you may have for us in this respect. Your motivation may be avoiding care fees or inheritance tax, protecting young children, avoiding unwanted claims from an ex spouse or errant family members, or protecting dependants who are not your next of kin. Whatever your concerns, we offer tailored solutions to suit everybody.


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