Prepaid Funerals

We are pleased to report two developments within BensonWilliams over the last few months which will help us to adise and assist our clients in the area of funeral planning. Firstly we have recently taken on an advisor who, apart from being able to adise on Wills in the normal manner, is a whole of […]

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New Inheritance Tax allowances 2017

An additional inheritance tax allowance is available for all deaths on or after 6 April 2017. The new allowance, called the Residence Nil Rate Band, is intended to be straight forward but the specific detail is quite complicated. Subject to meeting the qualifying criteria estates will be able to claim an additional £100,000 threshold allowance […]

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Contesting Wills

What do the following six categories of people have in common? 1. Your spouse or civil partner. 2. Your former spouse or civil partner. 3. A person who has lived with you as a partner for two years. 4. Your child. 5. A “child of the family” (step children etc). 6. A person being maintained […]

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