Will disputes: some facts and figures

Recent research has indicated a significant increase in the likelihood of estates being challenged in Britain. According to Direct Line Life Assurance 12.6 million Britons would be prepared to dispute a Will. 22% would contest a loved ones Will. 13% would contest their parent’s Will, and 11% would contest their partner’s Will. In 2018 Kings Court Trust reported that 116 cases had been brought to court under The Inheritance Act, compared to a mere 15 in 2005. Wills can come under attack due to a lack of adequate financial provision for a dependant, want of due execution, lack of knowledge and approval by the client, or evidence of undue influence or fraud by a third party. To us at BensonWilliams this serves to highlight the importance of accurate and detailed face to face instruction taking when Wills are being made, something we have always been committed to with each and every one of our clients.

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